There is nothing as beautiful as waking to see the bright new morning. How glorious is it when it is a new month! What does a new month mean? Well, it means many things to many people; for some, a time to remember the birth month of someone special, for others, a privilege to be alive. Yet others, another opportunity to explore the world and wish loved ones well.

How do you wish someone a new month when you have not mastered the art of wishing yourself first?


There is this feeling you cannot express when you learn how to wish yourself well and then, extend it to others. If you cannot celebrate yourself, you may never know how to celebrate others. If you don’t know how to celebrate others, you may never know how it hurts not feel celebrated in a new month.

Whatever the case may be, you can only make someone else happy only if you first know how to make yourself happy. Celebrate and pray for yourself and your family in this new month.


The best part of starting a new month is to begin it with prayers that’ll cheer you into greater blessings, favours and peace. This collection of happy new month prayers for myself are all the prayers you need for yourself, for the beginning of the month to the end of the month.


  1. Be it twenty-eight days, or twenty-nine. Be it thirty days or thirty-one days, one month must pass the baton to another. Let my new month receive the baton of progress as I propel forward.


  1. The dawn is the sign of victory over the dusk. I am entitled to victory in all I do in this new month. No man shall be able to stand before me.


  1. This is the month of a new beginning. I declare a new beginning over my life in this new month. I receive strength to do that which appears impossible for others to do.


  1. In this month of the year, I receive clear guidance for my smooth navigation in the year. I am more than conquerors. I am an overcomer.


  1. No matter how long and overdue my blessings are, in this month, I receive the grace of newness to get them all afresh. I am coming out anew and renewed in this month.


  1. I pray over my life that every morning in this new month will take me into the land of the possibility that I am destined to be. None of my expectation shall be truncated.


  1. I am a jewel in the Lord’s hand, therefore, every stumbling block on my way to greatness will become a stepping stone for me. I am above power and principalities.


  1. I may be delayed but I can’t be denied because no matter how long it takes, my breakthrough is sure to come. I am destined for upliftment. I cannot be drowned by the worries of life.


  1. I will be sought after by men, women, old and young because I am a problem solver and not an addition to the problem of the world. I am a treasure to be cherished and not trash to be trampled upon.


  1. Just as each day has its own packages, each month comes with its own treasures. I am connected to the divine hand of provision in this new month. The blessing of today will never elude me.


  1. This month is known as the month of newness; the month of the new beginning. I key into the blessings of the month. I am positioned for greatness in this new month. Happy new month to me.


  1. The most beautiful thing is waking to see the beautiful light and brightness of a new day. It is even more exciting to crossover into a new month and best of all, the very first month of the year. This month shall open me up for new opportunities. Happy New Month to me.

Every month of the year is special. A new month declaration has the capability to propel one further into the unveiling month. Use the new month quotes and prayers below to pray yourself into a great and wonderful new month.


  1. As I step out in this new month, I stand out of the crowd. I am unique and special. A happy new month to me.


  1. The number of days in this month determines the nomenclature of the year. May my presence matter wherever I find myself in this new month. I will never be looked down on because I shall make an impact in all I’m involved in.


  1. I long to see the radiance of the early morning sun daily as I wake; it is a delight to my soul. I am not a disappointment in my world. I am a positive addition in this month of the year.