O most merciful Father,

who hast so loved me as to give me

Thine Only-begotten Son for my food and drink,

and with Him all things,

look upon the Face of Thine Anointed,

in whom Thou art well pleased.

This Thy Beloved Son,

and with Him my heart,

I offer and present to Thee for all the blessings

Thou hast this day given me.

Mayest Thou, O Father,

be now well pleased in Him,

and through Him turn away Thine indignation from me.


Behold the One Mediator between God and men,

the Man Christ Jesus,

my Advocate and High-Priest,

Who intercedes for me.

Him do I offer and plead before Thee,

who committed no sin,

but bore the sins of the world,

and by whose stripes we are healed.

Accept, therefore, O Holy Father,

this Unspotted Victim,

to the honour and glory of Thy name,

in thanksgiving for all the blessings

Thou hast ever bestowed upon me,

for the remission also of my sins,

and for the supply of all my defects and shortcomings.


O Blessed Virgin,

Mother of my God and Saviour,

present my petitions to thy Son.

O all ye Angels and Saints, citizens of heaven,

join also your prayers with mine.

Ye stand always before the Throne,

and see Him face to face,

whom I here receive under veils.

Be ever mindful of me,

and obtain from Him and through Him

that with you I may bless Him

and love Him for ever. Amen.