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Saint Simon (Zealot) and Saint Jude (Thaddeus), Apostles of Jesus Christ

    There is often a crosshatch of bloody scratches on the right cheek of statues of the suffering Christ in Latin America. It’s called the “Judas Kiss,” a reminder of Judas Iscariot’s act of both affectionately greeting Christ and… Continue Reading →

Saint Antony Mary Claret, Bishop in Catholic Church (December 23, 1807 – October 24, 1870)

    – Founder of the Congregation of the Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary   Today’s saint was a finely tuned, high-octane engine of evangelization. Anthony Claret was from Catalonia, the region around Barcelona, Spain. He studied… Continue Reading →

Saint John Paul II, Pope in Catholic Church (May 18, 1920 – April 2, 2005)

    Thirty-three years after the dark cloud of communism had settled over Eastern Europe, on a crisp autumn night, heavy bells across Poland began to sway and toll in their high towers. Their clangs peeled down the valleys, thundered… Continue Reading →

Saint Mark, Bishop of Jerusalem

    Most of what we know about Mark comes directly from the New Testament. He is usually identified with the Mark of Acts 12:12. When Saint Peter escaped from prison, he went to the home of Mark’s mother.  … Continue Reading →

Saint Paul of the Cross, Priest and Founder of the Passionists (1694 -1775)

    Early Life   Paul Francis Daniel, the future St. Paul of the Cross, was born 3 January 1694, at Ovada in the Republic of Genoa. The Italy of his time was both a geographical and a political maze…. Continue Reading →

Saint John de Brébeuf, Saint Isaac Jogues, Priests, and Companions, Martyrs: Saint Jean (1593-1649) and Saint Isaac Jogues (1607-1646)

    Deep in the dense and endless forests of Iroquois nation, Jean de Brébeuf, bound tightly to a post, slowly stretched his neck and head toward the canopy high above, and prayed. An Iroquois war party had attacked his… Continue Reading →

Saint Luke the Evangelist, Apostle and Doctor in Catholic Church

    St. Luke is known as a fellow worker with St. Paul, an evangelist (the author of the Gospel that bears his name and the Acts of the Apostles) and a physician. For iconographers, St. Luke is revered as… Continue Reading →

Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr in Rome

    Although not the most famous Saint Ignatius in the Church, today’s saint was the first to offer a theology of martyrdom. He also wrote seven famous letters en route to his ritual death in Rome, which set forth,… Continue Reading →

Saint Theresa of Jesus, Virgin, Doctor of the Church (1515 – 1582)

  –  Discalced Carmelite   The call for reform of the Church has rung out through the centuries down to today. However, it is largely misplaced. Reform of Church structures is required periodically for her internal well-running. But purification is… Continue Reading →

Saint Callistus I, Pope and Martyr in Catholic Church

    Popes owned slaves for centuries to row their boats, cook their meals, and care for their horses and carriages. Kings, nobles, and middle-class families owned slaves. It was a ubiquitous institution not necessarily rooted in racism, which was… Continue Reading →

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