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Saint Januarius, Bishop and Martyr in Catholic Church

    In every lost corner and hidden valley of the Catholic world is a painting of the Virgin Mary that cries watery tears, a crucifix whose growing hair must be cut with scissors, a white host oozing drops of… Continue Reading →

Saint Robert Bellarmine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (October 4, 1542 – September 17, 1621)

    A massive, multi-volume work of Christian theology was published in the 1580s refuting Protestant errors. The volumes were of such encyclopedic and commanding erudition that readers assumed that the name on the books’ spines, “Bellarmine,” referred to an… Continue Reading →

Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Virgin and Doctor of the Church (1098 – 1179)

      1. A “light for her people and her time”: in these words Blessed John Paul II, my Venerable Predecessor, described Saint Hildegard of Bingen in 1979, on the occasion of the eight-hundredth anniversary of the death of… Continue Reading →

Saint Cornelius, Pope, and Saint Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs

    Nothing certain is known of Cornelius’ early life. After Rome had been without a bishop for about a year because of the persecution of the Emperor Decius, Cornelius, a member of the Cornelia family, was elected Bishop of… Continue Reading →

Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (347 – 407)

    In the tug and pull of the theological disputes of the fourth and fifth centuries, today’s saint was a seminal figure. Along with other luminaries such as Saints Ambrose, Athanasius, Hilary, Basil and many others, he tunneled deep… Continue Reading →

Saint Peter Claver, Jesuit, Apostle of Slaves in Catholic Church (June 26, 1581 – September 8, 1654)

    A native of Spain, young Jesuit Peter Claver left his homeland forever in 1610 to be a missionary in the colonies of the New World. He sailed into Cartagena, a rich port city washed by the Caribbean. He… Continue Reading →

Saint Thomas of Villanova, Bishop of Valencia (1488 – 1555)

    Saint Thomas, the glory of the Spanish Church in the sixteenth century, was born in the diocese of Toledo in 1488. His mother was a Christian of extraordinary tenderness for the poor. God worked a miracle for her… Continue Reading →

Saint Sergius I, Pope in Catholic Church (650 – 701)

    Pope Sergius I served as both head of the Catholic Church in the West and the bishop of Rome during the years of 687 up to his passing in 701. When he was chosen to be the pontiff,… Continue Reading →

Saint Regina, Virgin and Martyr in Catholic Church

    Saint Regina was the daughter of a pagan aristocrat named Clement, in Alise, Burgundy. When her mother died in childbirth. Regina’s father placed her upbringing, in the care of a Christian nurse attached to the family, who, secretly… Continue Reading →

Saint Onésiphore, Disciple of Saint Paul

    Onesiphorus was a friend of the apostle Paul, who mentions him twice when writing to Timothy. In the former of the two passages where his name occurs, his conduct is contrasted with that of Phygellus and Hermogenes and… Continue Reading →

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