Good and Beautiful Morning Beloved Brethren.

Happy New month of September to You and your dear Family.

Through this month, may you and your dear ones, live on to experience the great and marvelous blessings of success, productivity, fruitfulness and fulfillment, that come from following the spirit, commands, and directives of God, like Simon Peter and his fishing companions, in every aspect of your life and family. As you wisely and faithfully go about your dealings through this month, may God take delight in bestowing blessings and benefits upon you and the works of your hands. May God increase His wisdom, grace and peace in your life, generously satisfying every desire of your heart and mind, in line with His Will and Designs in your life. Amidst the uncertainties of life this month, may God consistently and supernaturally, deliver you and your dear ones from all harm and anxiety, and abundantly fill you with His heavenly joys, peace and goodness. Through Christ our Lord Amen.


Happy New Month Prayers for Friends and Family Members


I. It is my prayer that the presence of the Lord shall overshadow and be with you everywhere you go this new month. You will be protected by God from every fiery dart the enemy aims at you.

II. As you journey into the new month, the Lord says: I will go before you and make the hard places smooth. I will break the brass doors to pieces and cut through their iron gates. I will give you riches hidden in darkness and the things of great worth that are hidden in secret places… (Isaiah 45:2-3)

 III. Father, grant me strength as I go through this month. When I am tempted to give up, help me to keep going. Grant me a cheerful spirit when things do not go my way. And give me the courage to do whatever needs to be done. Happy new month!!!

IV. My prayers for you are that God blesses you with all you desire. You will get a greater experience of awesomeness than you have ever imagined this month. From deep within my heart, I wish you a favourable New month. I hope you get the best out of the month.

V. Every good and perfect gift shall find their way to you this new month in Jesus’ name.

VI. It is my prayer for you that every day of this new month shall come with lots of surprises and an abundance of joy and gladness. Happy New Month!

 VII. May the light of the Lord shine upon your life and on your entire family. Have a blessed month.

 VIII. May you rise above every challenge on your way to fulfilling destiny. Accept my little way of saying a happy new month, friend.

IX. I pray that God will make this month filled with memorable moments, glorious experiences. Happy New Month to you.

X. May the love of the Lord fill your heart in a speed of light as you enter this blessed month. Selah!

XI. I wish you success, success, and more success in everything you do this month. May all you achieved in the past months be superseded by this new month’s results. Have a merry filled new month.

 XII. In this new month, you shall experience good health, joy, happiness, peace of mind, and a sense of fulfillment. These and so much more are my wishes and prayers for you in this new month and always.

 XIII. Wishing that this new month brings you lots of reasons to celebrate life! Remain blessed.

 XIV. My heartiest wishes to you in this new month is that God will illuminate his light on every darkness in your life, and bless you with the peace nothing can give. Keep your faith high, and expect nothing less. Do have a fulfilling month.

XV. You are alive because you are covered by grace. My prayer is that the grace of God shall continue to abound greatly in your life.

 XVI. Wishing you a promising new month with lots of achievement and promises fulfilled. Keep pushing; you never know what tomorrow has in store for you!

 XVII. As this new month open a new leaf, may the doors of success in your life begin to open one after the other. Wishing you a happy new month.

XVIII.  No matter what you have passed through in the past, I pray that God makes your present glorious, and the future amazing. Happy New Month. Enjoy!

XIX.  One month is not just a period in the calendar – it is a period of your life. So do not neglect it and make the most of it. Best places to visit, best people to meet, best books to read, best feelings to experience – I wish you it all. Happy new month!

XX. In this new month, may everything that you do point always towards your goals and dreams in life. Happy New Month.