(Road to the Throne)


King Charles was heir to the British throne at just three years old. Yet, he had to wait for seventy years to ascend the throne. The seventy years was a time of preparation— he had been preparing for the crown his entire life. He stood by his mother (Queen Elizabeth II) and fought her battles. He did not consider equality with his mother by rebelling against her. He did not strive to pave his path to the throne in a world where men murder families for inheritance. After the long wait, today, he goes into the history books as the oldest person to ever assume the British throne, becoming King Charles III. His patience & endurance has led him onto the throne & into history.


King David was heir to the throne of Israel at a very younger age. Yet, he had to wait for many years to ascend the throne. The many years were a time of preparation—God was preparing him to lead his people by training him in the field to care for his father’s flocks. He stood by his rival (King Saul) and fought his battles, including slaying the giant Goliath. He played music for King Saul when he was troubled by evil spirits and loved his son (Jonathan). He did not consider equality with King Saul by rebelling against him. He refused to kill King Saul to ascend the throne when he had the opportunity, calling him “the Lord’s anointed.” After the long wait, he went into the history books as the king who won many battles. His patience & trust in God made him undefeated.


Moral Lessons

  1. Don’t forcefully take what God has not given you yet, even though He has promised.
  2. Your time of waiting is a time of preparation—God is making you equipped for the tests in life.
  3. What is God-sent and meant for you shall never elude you.

Be patient! Persevere and Endure. Your blessings shall never tarry, not even for a second. Be Blessed! God Loves You!