Pray for your Family

Oh Lord my God, I pray that You protect my family. Grant today, safety to my spouse, my children, my parents, my family members, and me too.

Dear Lord, let Your mighty hand lead all of us through the correct path that You have prepared for us today. Remove all enemies and forces of the evil one from our path, so that they may not hinder us from serving You today. May Your light shine brightly along our path so that we may not get blinded by the evil one.

We know that nobody can be against us because You are for us. Please, dear Lord, guide and watch over all of us today so that we may go and come back home safely after serving You today. Amen.


Pray for your Marriage

“Almighty Father, You created everything in this world. You thought of it all. There is nothing faulty in what You have made. You are so wonderful and from where I stand, I’m in awe of You. I Love You, Lord!

Gracious and forgiving Father, today I thank You for pairing me with someone special to be my spouse, whom You have also created in Your image and likeness.

Father, You knew us before we were born and already knew we would be together. You have given us both responsibilities as husband and wife.

I trust that, as we walk in faith and unfailing love, You will protect us from the evil forces in this unpredictable world. Amen.”


Prayer Before Meal

“Lord, what a good Father You are! You give us so many great things to eat, a place to dwell, a home to live in, a family to love, a church to worship in, a job to support ourselves, and so much more. Lord thank You for everything particularly this meal that we are preparing to eat, we thank You for this too.  Father we all know this comes from Your hand and nothing happens outside of Your will, and it has pleased You to bless us so plentifully.

Lord, You are kinder to us than we really deserve but such is your forgiving nature toward Your children, that You’ve brought to Yourself through the price of Your Son’s life.  To imagine that He would die for us and that You would bless us so much is beyond expectation. I know you are pleased with the sacrifice of praise

and thanksgiving and so we give You thanks and praise You for Your kindness Lord, and in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ, I pray.  Amen.