Pray for more Blessings

Oh Lord my God, You are Holy indeed, the fountain of all Holiness. You have blessed me in every way for I have been faithful to You despite falling by the wayside every now and then.

Father, I cannot count the many blessings You have given me. I cannot thank You enough for the overflowing graces and unconditional love that You have showered down upon me without expectations and without measure.

Dear Lord, I beg You to continue showering me with Your immense blessings, love, and graces and protect me from the evil one. Lord, I worship and adore You and I bless Your holy name forever and ever. Amen.


Devotional Prayer

“Dear Father, You made me for blessed duties. You gave me the desire to always adapt and develop in my ability to love You and my neighbours. Help me to make progress on my targets each day and not to dwell on the conclusion that you may bring out of that obedience. Lord, please remind me often that your conclusions of every matter will always bear fruit even though the conclusion may be different than I was expecting. Your ways are above my ways. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


Intercessory Prayer

” Save us, O God, and have mercy upon the old, the young, the needy, the orphans, the widows, and on all who are in sickness and sorrow, in trouble and affliction, in oppression and captivity, in prison and captivity. More importantly have mercy upon Your servants who are under persecution for Your sake and for the sake of the Christian Faith at the hands of heathen nations, of apostates, and of heretics: remember them, visit and strengthen them, comfort them Lord, and by your Graces grant them, by Your power, relief, freedom, and deliverance. Amen “


Pray for Yourself

“Lord, please pardon me for the times I have said and done things without foresight. Father, please remind me to consider self-control as “God-control”. It is not simply trying to control myself with human effort. But it is instead depending on the Holy Spirit to guide my way and choices.


Dear Lord Jesus Christ, You overcame Satan in his attempts to tempt you to show Your power with a spirit of self-control. Now I call upon Your blessed Name. I ask You to bless me with the same virtue, which is very much needed in most aspects of my life. Lord, I seek Your assistance and guidance. May Your Holy Spirit fill me with power, as I come in prayer and raise my petitions before You.” Amen.