BEHOLD, O MOST HOLY VIRGIN MARY, at thy feet a wretched sinner, who has recourse to thee and trust in thee. O Mother of mercy, have pity on me; I hear all men call thee the refuge and hope of sinners: be therefore my Refuge and my Hope. Help me for the love of JESUS CHRIST: hold out thy hand to a fallen wretch, who commends himself to thee and dedicates himself to be thy servant forever. I praise and thank GOD, Who of His great mercy hath given me this confidence in thee, a sure pledge of my eternal salvation. Alas, it is only too true that in the past I have fallen miserably, because I did not come to thee. I know that with thy help I shall conquer; I know that thou wilt help me, if I commend myself to thee; but I am fearful lest in the occasions of sin I shall forget to call upon thee and so I shall be lost. This grace, then, do I ask of thee; for this I implore thee, as much as I can and know how to do; namely, that in the assaults of hell I may ever run to thy protection and may say to thee: MARY, HELP ME; MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP, PERMIT ME NOT TO LOSE MY GOD. Amen.

Say 1 our Father…, 3 Hail Mary…, 1 Glory be to …


Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary For Graces


MOTHER of my God, look down upon a poor sinner, who has recourse to thee and puts his trust in thee. I am not worthy that thou shouldst even cast thine eyes upon me; but I know that thou, beholding Jesus thy Son dying for sinners, dost yearn exceedingly to save them. O Mother of Mercy, look on my miseries and have pity upon me.

Men say thou art the refuge of the sinner, the hope of the desperate, the aid of the lost; thou art, then, my refuge, hope and aid. It is thy prayers which must save me. For the love of Jesus Christ be my help; reach forth thy hand to the poor fallen sinner who recommends himself to thee. I know that it is thy joy to aid the sinner when thou canst; help me now, for thou canst help me. By my sins I have forfeited the grace of God and my own soul. I place myself in thy hands; oh, tell me what to do that I may regain the grace of God, and I will do it. My Saviour bids me to come to thee for help; He wills that I should look to thy pity; that so, not only the merits of thy Son, but thine own prayers, too, may unite to save me. To thee, then, I have recourse: pray to Jesus for me; and make known the great good thou canst do for one who trusts in thee. Be it done unto me according to my hope. Amen.

(3 Hail Marys’ in reparation for blasphemies against the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Jesus and Mary, I love you all!(Repeat for 3 Times)


Mother of God, Virgin Immaculate, to thee do I dedicate my body and soul, all my Prayers and Deeds, my joys and sufferings, all that I am, and all that I have, with a joyful I surrender myself to your love. For the love of Jesus Christ, I will devote to thee, my services of my own free will for the Salvation of Mankind, and for help of the Holy Church whose Mother thou art!


Oh Lord Jesus Christ, Please assist me today. Give me strength, when I am weak, a shoulder to weep on when I am sad, and assistance when I fall. Amen

O Beloved Mother Mary Pray for us to Jesus! (Repeat for 3 Times)


Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear mother, we love you. We thank you for your promise to help us in our need. We trust in your love that dries our tears and comforts us. Teach us to find our peace in your son, Jesus, and bless us every day of our lives.

Help us to build a shrine in our hearts. Make it as beautiful as the one built for you on the mount of Tepeyac. A shrine full of trust, hope, and love of Jesus growing stronger each day.

Mary, you have chosen to remain with us by giving us your most wonderful and holy self-image on Juan Diego’s cloak. May we feel your loving presence as we look upon your face. Like Juan, give us the courage to bring your message of hope to everyone.

You are our mother and our inspiration. Hear our prayers and answer us. Amen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us! God bless you all!