The following meditations of Mary as seen by Paul, Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. They read beyond mere interpretation of scripture patterns. We are dealing here with meditations of the second degree, meaning reflective of the holy writer’s reflections about their own writings and feelings on Mary. These stories beyond the story are imaginary, the fruit of scripture and thorough study and contemplation of Mary in scripture.


The Marian reflection consists in placing ourselves in the shoes of Paul and the evangelists. I then speak for them in simple words in order to share their perceptions and images of Mary. My “point of view” springs from my faith and my devotion to the Mother of God. I was only able to do this after many years of studying the theology of Mary primarily from the Scriptures.


Paul Reminisces Mother Mary

In preparation for this meditation read: Galatians 4:4-5 and Romans 1:1-4

I never met Jesus personally nor his mother. In fact, I learned her name only through Jesus’ apostles. But, in thinking about her, I realize how she as a Jewish mother, taught him to live out the mitzvoth of the Torah and to fulfill all of the rituals of my own Pharisaic dispensation. Surely, she had an important role in God’s plan for the history of salvation. She modeled the “Valiant Woman” of our Book of Proverbs (c.31) She took him to the Temple in Jerusalem several times before he reached the age of twelve. You would now call this his bar mitzvah (son of the commandment). I understand that an incident happened then as he remained in the temple precincts without her knowing it. This is so typical even today of our children and teenagers. They can and do get lost while we are shopping. What else can I say about someone I never met. I think she taught Jesus how to say “yes.” I reason about this because her own song is very similar to the earliest hymn I learned about Jesus (Phil.2:5-ll). In this hymn Jesus says “yes” to his Heavenly Father and also submits even to the status of a servant and becomes obedient even to his death on a cross. How else could he have learned such lessons except from a devoted, loving mother who was so faithful to her Jewish religion and who loved God so profoundly that God chose her to be the Mother of our Messiah, the Lord, Jesus Christ!