Mother Mary,

Ever-Blessed Virgin,

Mother of God and and our mother,

To you we entrust all our worries in this life and in the next,

For as the best mother in the entire world,

You always look after not only

the material but also the spiritual well-being of your children.

Look upon us with compassion, dearest Mother.

And keep us always united with Your Son Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mother Mary, pray for us,

Now and at the hour of our death.

We love you!


Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, Saturday is the day of Our Lady and Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. To dedicate Saturday in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary is not a personal invention but rather an ancient Church custom which is based on the fact that during Black Saturday, Our Lady was alone and all Christians want to accompany and console her after the death of Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Some base it as well on a legendary account and popular belief that Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Mary on the Saturday, the day after His death to reward her for her steadfast faith in His divinity, which did not waver under the Cross.


What can we do during Saturdays to honour Our Lady?

We can offer her a lot of things:


Praying the “Hail Holy Queen” or any other prayer;

Praying the Holy Rosary if one does not have the custom of doing so, better in family.

Offering a small sacrifice, not taking snacks for example, for Our Lady’s intentions: conversion of sinners and reparation for our sins…

If you want to know more about this Saturday devotion, below you’ll find an article on its historical background from the University of Dayton website which is a worthwhile read on this matter. Nevertheless, let us not forget that Our Mother Mary is The Shortcut to Get To God (St. Padre Pio) And The Easiest And Safest Path To The Most Holy Trinity, Being The Daughter Of God The Father, Mother Of God The Son And Spouse Of The Holy Spirit!


Mary’s role is to draw men to her Son, placing them before Christ so that they can be reconciled with Him, learning to love Him and follow Him. St. Josemaria said in one of his homilies: “Without ceasing to be a mother, our Lady is able to get each of her children to face his own responsibilities. Mary always does the immense favor of bringing to the cross, of placing face to face with the example of the Son of God, those who come close to her and contemplate her life. It is in this confrontation that Christian life is decided. And here Mary intercedes for us so that our behavior may lead to a reconciliation of the younger brother—you and me—with the firstborn Son of the Father (Christ is Passing By, n. 149).”


Thus “‘the beginning of the way, at the end of which you will find yourself completely carried away by love for Jesus, is a trusting love for Mary (Holy Rosary).’ I wrote that many years ago, in the introduction to a short book on the Rosary, and since then I have often experienced the truth of those words. I am not going to complete that thought here with all sorts of reasons. I invite you to discover it for yourself, showing your love for Mary, opening your heart to her, confiding to her your joys and sorrows, asking her to help you recognize and follow Jesus(Christ is Passing By, n. 143).”


True Marian devotion leads always to a greater love for God the Father, for the Word, and for the Holy Spirit. “Most Sweet Heart of Mary, prepare a safe way. Guide our steps on earth with strength and security. Become for us the path we are to follow, since you in your love know the way, a sure short-cut, to the love of Jesus Christ (Ibid. 147) in Prof. A. Blanco, “St. Josemaria’s Devotion to Mary and Unity of Life.


With all these facts in mind, and underlining the fact that the Marian devotion leads to a closer relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the center and source of all graces, let us then have a filial love and affection to Our Lady most especially during Saturdays of the month.


Lord Jesus, We Wish To Honor Your Mother, Our Mother, The Blessed Virgin Mary. Help Us Love Her The Same Way You Did, For We Know That By Doing So, We Are Imitating You And The Greatness Of Your Love!