In verifiable history, for over 300 years, the monarchy has just been a monument of British sustained show off.

It has not played any real constitutional role or even sanctioned major political plots in these years apart from its constitutionally recognized figure head symbolism. Blaming the queen therefore for these errors of the past such as slave trade, colonialism is injudicious.

The Nigerian civil war was avoidable and the consequences mind boggling both in the wanton structural, systematic and human damage. And however, we look at it, that war was one of ego more than any other factor.

It had very little to do with the United Kingdom but more to do with killings that should never have happened especially if the leaders at the time buried their egos.

Whatever interventions made by the Brits was because we allowed them to. A mistake we have continued making.

This is not to say she is unblamable, since she represents the last vestige of an institution that people would want to forget.

I know and do recognize that the British empire has profiteered from years of exploitation and subjugation of mostly weak nations and this loots over the years was used to finance an insatiable avalanche of the greedy monarchy.

This done to maintain the class standards even though it was an institution that had passed its time.

I for one thinks that she carried herself with so much dignity, decorum and truly loved the United Kingdom. She was statesmanly in her public conduct and managed with great deal of wisdom so many crisis that nearly cast a dent on the monarchy and her lineage.

If she is to be blamed then it is the fact that she worked for the interest of her kingdom as should we all.

At least it was not always about her unlike many of our leaders who live only for themselves.

Come to think of, when we blame Britain for the infamous slave trade, do we pause a while to reflect on the fact that our brothers sold us to strangers?

At a time when the life expectancy of those in our climes is reduced significantly, I think that a person dying at 96 is greatly blessed of God and rather than cast odium at the dead should make us ask for such grace.

May the tides be fair to her