Webster defines intimacy as close familiarity or friendship. If God seems far away, guess who moved? I had been struggling with maintaining my intimate relationship with Christ Jesus. I had become so busy with the daily routines of life that I was no longer consistent in my relationship and spending time with Christ my Lord and studying His words.


The 1st is Forgiveness of Sins

Are you holding on to a wrong that was done to you? Hand raised! I had allowed unforgiveness to take root in my heart and refused to forgive someone. “Forgive as I have forgiven you…” (Matthew 6: 14-15). It is not a suggestion, but a command. This is one of the 10 commandments that God gave Moses. Sometimes we take forgiveness as if it is an act we do according to how we may feel at the moment. Our feelings should not determine if we are going to walk in forgiveness. All of us have a past, but we must choose to release the “baggage” from the past to be free. Sometimes we relive the incident over and over in our minds until we exhaust ourselves emotionally and physically. Stop the cycle now! You must forgive from your heart.


The 2nd is Scheduling Time with God Daily

I have a regular date with God, do you? If you plan to eat lunch with a friend, you don’t stand them up, but make every effort to arrive on time. You should have a regular place that you go to meet with God. It could be a chair, a room, a bench. The more time you spend with a person the more you get to know them intimately and deeply. Enoch had such a habitual relationship with Christ that he just walked into heaven; never experiencing death due to his intimate relationship with God.


The 3rd is A Repentant Heart

John 1: 9 says, “Confess your sin and God is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” not some but ALL. You don’t have to continue to live in condemnation forever. There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. So why keep pointing the finger at yourself for letting yourself down and others around you. God already knew you were going to do it; You allowed the temptation to take over you. Confess It – Be Free and Move For-ward.


The 4th is Commitment to Excellence or Keep Your Words

God’s word doesn’t return void. You must be a person of your word and have integrity. Don’t overcommit and obligate yourself to the point that what you’re doing isn’t from your heart and genuine. If you’ve over-committed yourself sometimes you are no longer functioning with the spirit of love. You might need to evaluate if God has called you to do those things. God First, Family Second, and Career Third.