A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

much recommended by the holy Priest J.M. Vianney, commonly called the Curé of Ars.

Thou, Most Holy Virgin, who dost evermore stand before the throne of the Most Holy Trinity, and to whom it is granted at all times to pray for us to the most beloved Son, pray for me in all my necessities; help me, combat for me, give thanks for me, and obtain for me pardon of all my sins; help me especially at my last hour, and, when I can no longer give any sign of the use of reason, then do thou encourage me, make the sign of the cross for me, sprinkle me with holy water, and fight for me against the enemy. Make in my name a profession of faith; favour me with a testimony of my salvation, and never let me despair of the mercy of God. Help me to overcome the wicked enemy; and when I can no longer say, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I place my soul in your hands, say it for me; and when I can no longer hear human words of consolation, then do thou comfort me. Leave me not before I have been judged; and if I have to expiate my sins in purgatory, O pray for me instantly, earnestly, and admonist my friends to procure for me a speedy enjoyment of the blessed sight of God. Lessen my sufferings, deliver me speedily, and conduct my soul into Heaven with thee, that, united with all the Elect, I may there bless and praise my God and thyself for all eternity. Amen.

Say three Hail Mary…


Our Lady, Queen of Angels

August Queen of Heaven!

Sovereign Mistress of the angels!

Thou who from the beginning

hast received from God

the power and mission to crush the head of Satan,

we humbly beseech thee

to send thy holy Legions,

that, under thy command

and by thy power,

they may pursue the evil spirits,

encounter them on every side,

resist their bold attacks

and drive them hence into the abyss of eternal woe. Amen



Another version…

August Queen of Heaven,

sovereign queen of Angels,

you who at the beginning

received from God

the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan,

we beseech you humbly,

send your holy legions so that,

on your orders and by your power,

they will track down demons,

fight them everywhere,

curb their audacity and plunge them into the abyss.


Who can be compared to God?

Oh, good and tender Mother,

you will always be our love and our hope.


Oh divine Mother,

send the Holy Angels and Archangels to defend me

and to keep the cruel enemy far from me.


Holy Angels and Archangels defend us,

protect us. Amen.


Mary, Our Model in Prayer

All praise and glory are Yours, almighty Father:

You have given us Your Son Jesus to save us from sin.

We praise You for choosing Mary to be His mother,

for teaching her to believe Your message,

for helping her to accept Your holy will.


Strengthen us by Your Spirit to be like Mary:

to ponder Your word in our hearts,

to obey Your will,

to love Your Son,

to sing Your praises every day.



we praise You through Jesus Christ Your Son

in the love of Your Spirit,

for ever and ever. Amen.


O Mary Bright Dawn of the New World

O Mary bright dawn of the new world, Mother of the living, to you do we entrust the cause of life: Look down, O Mother, upon the vast numbers of babies not allowed to be born, of the poor whose lives are made difficult, of men and women who are victims of brutal violence, of the elderly and the sick killed by indifference or out of misguided mercy. Grant that all who believe in your Son may proclaim the Gospel of life with honesty and love to the people of our time. Obtain for them the grace to accept that Gospel as a gift ever new, the joy of celebrating it with gratitude throughout their lives and the courage to bear witness to it resolutely, in order to build, together with all people of good will, the civilization of truth and love, to the praise and glory of God, the Creator and lover of life.