Pardon Prayer to Sweet Jesus in His Sufferings


O my good Jesus, my dear Saviour, I compassionate Thee in Thy sufferings. I fervently bless Thee and thank Thee for all Thou hast done and suffered for me; give me grace to weep over the sins and the ingratitude which caused Thy dreadful agony. Sweet Jesus, mercy! Pardon me, O Lord, for my past indifference to Thy love.

Heart of Jesus, burning with love for us, set our hearts on fire with love of Thee.

May those bonds which confined Thy hands burst the fetters of my sins, and restore me to the sweet liberty of Thy children! I cast myself at Thy Sacred feet, O my King and my God; and since Thou hast undergone the humiliation of allowing Thyself to be bound by Thy creatures, may I place my happiness in sharing Thy humiliations, and carrying Thy Cross.


Prayer Found Under Christ’s Sepulchre (1503 AD)


O God Almighty, who suffered death upon the cross, particularly for my sins, be with me.


Holy Cross of Jesus, have pity on me.

Holy Cross of Jesus, be my protector.

Holy Cross of Jesus, take away all bitter pains.

Holy Cross of Jesus, take away all evil.

Holy Cross of Jesus, let me walk in the way of salvation.


Preserve me from any temporal accidents, take away any danger of sudden death. I always adore the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ: Jesus of Nazareth crucified, have pity on me; make the spirit of evil leave me for all times.


O Mother of Perpetual Succour. I come before Thy Sacred picture and with a child-like conscience invoke thine aid. Show Thyself a Mother to me now.


Have pity of me. O, dearest Mother of Perpetual Succour, for the love Thou bearest to Jesus and in honour of His Sacred Wounds, help me in this my necessity..


Mention your intentions here…


O Loving Mother,

I leave all to thee in the Name of the Father.

I leave all to thee in the Name of the Son.

I leave all to thee in the Name of the Holy Spirit.


Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, pray for us.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, pray for us.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, pray for us. Amen.


A Prayer to Jesus in the Tabernacle


O Divine Saviour! I thank Thee for having perpetuated Thy humble, obedient, self-sacrificing and recollected silence of Nazareth in the tabernacle. How Thy example puts me to shame! Forgive me for my bold, self-seeking, and superficial talkativeness. Teach me to understand the words: “In silence and in hope shall your strength be.”


Prayer to Jesus Christ, Lord


Jesus Christ, Lord of all things, You see my heart; You know my desires. Possess all that I am, You alone. I am Your sheep; make me worthy to overcome the devil. Amen


Prayer to Jesus Crucified


Here I am, good and gentle Jesus, kneeling before you. With great fervor I pray and ask you to instill in me genuine convictions of faith, hope and love, with true sorrow for my sins and a firm resolve to amend them. While I contemplate your five wounds with great love and compassion, I remember the words which the prophet David long ago put on your lips: “They have pierced my hands and my feet, I can count all my bones.” (Psalm 22/17-18).