St. Thomas Aquinas Prayers for Priests (Cont.)


9.  Lord Jesus Christ, You love Your church and those called to share Your priesthood! With our love and prayers, we join You in asking our Heavenly Father to continue to pour out His gifts of holiness, compassion and zeal on your priests everywhere. Inspire each of them to offer his life as an “Ambassador of Christ”, bringing reconciliation and healing to the world.

Mary, Mother of all Priests, inspire us to live in peace and joy and pray this prayer with us. Amen.


10.  For a Son in the Priesthood or Studying for the Priesthood

Lord Jesus, eternal priest, bestow on (insert name) the fullness of your perfection and strength. Remember that he has forsaken all things to give himself entirely to you. In his hours of loneliness and discouragement be close to him, that he may not fail in his sacred duties. Bless his labours with abundant fruit for souls. May all his contacts with others bring them and him closer to your divine heart.


Give him a sympathetic and understanding heart that he may restore peace and bring consolation to those who have fallen into sin.  Give him a generous heart that he may share the sorrows and sufferings of others and be forgetful of his own. Give him a strong heart that he may be ever pure in the midst of a sinful world. Keep always holy his anointed hands, which are privileged to touch your sacred Body, that they may never work to your dishonour. May his lips, which touch your Precious Blood, never be the instrument of sin.


And if ever, Lord, through weakness he should fall, then lift him gently to your Sacred Heart. Remember that the world’s possessions are no longer his and that he has nothing left but you. Grant that each precious host to be consecrated at his hands may bring him closer to you.

— Jesus meek and humble of heart, make his heart like unto your very own!



10.  Let Us Pray to the Master! Jesus Christ, Son of God, Thou hast said:

The harvest is indeed great, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He send laborers into His vineyard.  Behold, we beg of Thee to increase the number of holy priests who walk in Thy footsteps and labour in Thy vineyard with apostolic zeal.  Give them Thy light and Thy grace, that they may convert unbelievers and heretics, strengthen the weak, and spread Thy Kingdom ever more and more upon earth. Grant that in unshakeable fidelity we may stand firmly by Thy representative, may listen to his words and support the labours of the shepherds of our souls by a devout and Christian life.  Let our prayers be acceptable to Thee and hear our petitions, Who livest and reignest forever and ever. Amen.



12.  “Immaculate Mary, please continue to protect, strengthen and guide all of our priests, deacons, religious and seminarians and give them the power to save souls.”


13.  (Pray this prayer for our Priest’s intentions):

Lord, my God lift up my soul from this darkness into Your Light.

Envelop my soul soul into your Your Sacred Heart.

Feed my soul with Your Word.

Anoint my soul with Your Holy Name.

Make my soul ready to hear Your Discourse.

Breath Your Sweet Fragrance on my soul, reviving it.

Ravish my soul to delight Your Soul.

Father embellish me, Your child, by distilling Your Pure Myrrh upon me.


Your Spirit has given me life, and You who are the Living Bread has restored my life.

You have offered me to drink Your Blood to be able to share eternity with You

in your kingdom, and live with You for ever and ever.


Glory be to the Highest

Glory be to the Holy of Holies

Praised be our Lord.

Praised be Our Lord, for His Mercy

and His Love reaches from age to

age, and for ever will. Amen



14.  Prayer for Priests

Eternal God,

please bless our priests,

who represent You on this earth.

Make them more greatly aware of the grace

that You pour out through them

when they minister the sacraments,

and help them to fall more deeply in love with You

after each and every Mass that they celebrate.

Please strengthen our priests,

who shepherd Your flock,

when they are in doubt of their faith,

that they may be examples of Your Truth

and guide us always on the path to You.

We ask these things of You our Eternal Priest. Amen.


The Litany for Priests

Let us pray for the Holy Father:

fill him with courage and grace, O Lord.

Cardinals, archbishops, and bishops:

give them a shepherd’s heart, O Lord.

Diocesan priests:

fill them with your Spirit, Lord.

Priests in religious orders:

perfect them in their calling, Lord.

Priests who are ill:

heal them, Lord.

Priests who are in danger:

deliver them, Lord.

Priests who are weak:

strengthen them, Lord.

Priests who are poor:

 relieve them, Lord.

Priests who have lost their zeal:

renew them, Lord.

Priests who are sad:

console them, Lord.

Priests who are worried:

give them peace, Lord.

Priests who are old:

sustain them, Lord.

Priests who are alone:

accompany them, Lord.

Missionary priests:

protect them, Lord.

Priests who are preachers:

enlighten them, Lord.

Priests who direct souls:

instruct them, Lord.

Priests and religious who have died:

 bring them to glory, Lord.

For all priests:

give them Your wisdom and knowledge.

For all priests:

give them Your understanding and counsel.

For all priests:

 give them reverence and awe of You.

For all priests:

 give them patience and love.

For all priests:

 give them obedience and kindness.

For all priests:

give them a burning zeal for souls.

For all priests:

give them virtues of faith, hope and love.

For all priests:

give them an intense love for the Eucharist.

For all priests:

 give them loyalty to the Holy Father and their Bishops.

For all priests:

give them respect for life and human dignity.

For all priests:

 give them integrity and justice.

For all priests:

give them humility and generosity.

For all priests:

give them strength in their labours.

For all priests:

give them peace in their sufferings.

For all priests:

give them great love for the Trinity.

For all priests:

give them great love for Mary.

For all priests:

 let them be the light of Christ.

For all priests:

 let them be the salt of the earth.

For all priests:

 let them practice sacrifice and self-denial.

For all priests:

let them be holy in body, mind and spirit.

For all priests:

 let them be men of prayer.

For all priests:

may faith shine forth in them.

For all priests:

may they be concerned for our salvation.

For all priests:

may they be faithful to their priestly vocation.

For all priests:

may their hands bless and heal.

For all priests:

may they burn with love for you.

For all priests:

may all their steps be for the glory of God.

For all priests:

may the Holy Spirit fill them, and give them His gifts in abundance.


Let us pray

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, hear the prayers we offer for our priests. Let them know clearly the work that You are calling them to do. Grant them every grace to answer Your call with courage, love, and lasting dedication to Your will.  We ask Mary’s intercession as their loving mother. Amen.