Legion of Mary Catholic Society (Legio! Mariae!)


We were taught in the Legion that the catena is the chain that binds all legionaries together. But the real question is this, are we bond together by just reciting some prayers together, or is there more to the catena?


The catena is not just a prayer but a mindset that binds all legionaries together. The prayer contains a glimpse of the wonderful mindset and personal aspirations of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Within the catena, you will find the personal beliefs of the Blessed Virgin herself. In that short song, she revealed the path to a deep spiritual life for all who wish to learn the secrets to a Mystical Union with the Blessed Trinity.


The Blessed Virgin Mary hid these 4 Spiritual Lessons for us legionaries in the catena

1. Be Happy in the Lord.

“My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”.

2. Be Holy for the Fear of offending God.

“His mercy is from age to age, on those who fear him”.

3. Be Humble always

“He cast the mighty from their thrones, and raises the lowly”.

4. Be Hungry for the Heavenly things.

“He fills the starving (hungry) with good things, send the rich (satisfied) empty away”.

As a legionary, you must strive to be like the Virgin Mary who always lived in;



Humility and

Hunger for the Higher things of Heaven.

These are the qualities that should drive your mind as a legionary, and that is how we are truly bound together with each other. Once we loose any of these qualities, we become divided among ourselves.

The opposite of these qualities are;



Pride and

Hunger for earthly Pleasures

These opposing qualities will always bring division in ranks of the Legion. But the true mindset of the catena is what unites all legionaries together. So don’t just recite the catena, try to also meditate on it as well.


Peace be with you!


In keeping with the theme of impossible and hopeless causes, let’s pray today for everyone who has left the Church. Let’s pray for their conversion and their return to the Church.


Let’s also pray for those who have never been a part of the Church to begin with. Let’s pray that they may come to know the truth and fullness of our faith.