Pope Francis on Reconciliation calls the readers to explore mercy of God through the grace of forgiveness.

This short compilation features impactful quotes from Pope Francis on forgiveness. The selections emphasize our need for repentance, awareness of one’s sin, God’s divine mercy, forgiving others, and confession and absolution, among other topics. The beautifully designed text includes reflections for those going to confession, as well as a special section for priests on their role as confessor.

Use it as a meditation before going to confession or ponder a few pages during Eucharistic adoration to help you focus on God’s call to conversion and healing.

Pope Francis’s words on reconciliation would benefit Catholics of all ages and vocational paths: couples, adults of all ages, consecrated religious, and priests. Consider gifting a copy to someone being received into the Catholic faith or sharing this as a helpful resource for parish communities and schools seeking a renewal of the sacraments in their communities.

Pick up this title and join Pope Francis in reflecting on the beauty of reconciliation!